Pringo Connect Architecture

Innovative extension architecture allows for rapid deployment of portals, mobile solutions, social communities, rich media delivery, and sophisticated search.

Pringo Connect provides expandability, scalability, and reliability in 23 languages with multi-site management capabilities.

Some of the core features of the Pringo Connect Platform:

Open Architecture

All our software is built on open source languages, programs and protocols. In addition, our extensions are all provided as open-source allowing developers to change the behavior of each feature for a more personalized experience. In addition, you’re able to create customized extensions to meet the specific requirements of your project.

SOAP Gateways

Our SOAP backend allows developers to integrate Pringo products seamlessly into existing applications, data stores and software.

REST Interface

The simple to use interface allows developers to use other technologies for the presentation layer. For instance, an entire site could be built with an Adobe Flash front-end, while utilizing Pringo Connect’s technology in the background.

Callback Objects

Hooks are placed within the engine at key points of data processing that allow developers to specify callbacks that are used to manipulate data in any way that gives them the best result.

Powerful Template Engine

The Pringo Connect template engine provides total flexibility aspects of outputted front-end data, unlike other software companies attempting to do something similar but allowing for little customization. The template engine allows site administrators to focus on site design and administration rather than programming details. Yet it is powerful enough to support programming control structures and functions.

Inline PHP

The template engine even allows for PHP code to be placed within these templates.