Strengthen Relationships With Your Audience

Engaging and vibrant communities enable your customers, partners and employees to have richer experiences with each other and your brand. Creating a social community increases customer loyalty and ultimately drives more revenue.

As social sharing and communication around shared interests and experiences becomes ever more pervasive businesses and organizations that are succeeding are incorporating social engagement into every corner of their digital strategy. The challenge however, is to manage and own the content. This task is substantially more difficult when only using external social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. By creating an integrated social community and providing your users with the ability to share connect and collaborate around your content loyalty and revenue typically follow.

Some highlights of the Pringo Connect’s Social Suite:

User Profiles



Allow users to gather and share

Single Sign-on

Provides easy access to users via Twitter, Facebook, OpenID, etc.

Integrate external social community content

Allows us to easily share content between your community and external ones


Keeps fans engaged and entertained


Mail & Internal messaging

Newsletters/Announcements w/Directory’s

Keep users informed and connected when not in the community

Video/Image Gallery's & Albums (users and groups)


Enables users to connect and engage with users

User Homepages

Allows users to customize their own page

User/Admin Roles

Create multiple roles and access levels

Benefits of Pringo Connect

Device agnostic platform so your organization doesn’t have to worry about multiple apps for multiple devices.
Extremely simple to incorporate internal and external content.
Easily integrate existing applications reducing additional development time.
Users can quickly access relevant information with any device, reducing search and increasing productivity.
Control the organizations entire digital presence all from an single intuitive interface.