Reach Every User, Anywhere

Because users, fans and consumers crave video and rich media we've integrated a complete video delivery solution to help you meet the demands of your audience. Whether it's to watch a piece of user generated content within in your social community or engage with a live stream on their mobile device, MobileBits can support all your rich media needs.

Integrate and publish any type of rich media content. No need to create multiple versions of the same content for different devices. Integrate with existing rich media platform or library.

Highlights of Some Key Features:

  • HD Quality VideoYour content can now be viewed in full High Definition glory on any device
  • Video on DemandEasily store, manage and deliver your content
  • Live StreamingNow as easy as clicking a button
  • Adaptive BitrateDeliver the best experience, even in low bandwidth environments
  • Social SharingLet them spread your best content virally
  • AnalyticsKnow who's watching and for how long?
  • Player ManagementHave multiple players to match the look and feel of multiple web properties

Benefits of Pringo Connect

Device agnostic platform so your organization doesn’t have to worry about multiple apps for multiple devices.
Extremely simple to incorporate internal and external content.
Easily integrate existing applications reducing additional development time.
Users can quickly access relevant information with any device, reducing search and increasing productivity.
Control the organizations entire digital presence all from an single intuitive interface.