Create Exceptional Experiences On Any Device

It seems that everyone is talking about mobile these days and for good reason:

#1 Media Tablets and Beyond

#2 Mobile Applications and Interfaces

Gartner - Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2012

At MobileBits we understand that implementing a mobile strategy is no longer a luxury, but a priority for almost every organization. That's why we've included a complete mobile module within Pringo Connect.

Pringo Connect can automatically detect a user's device and renders the right experience so users stay on your website longer and share more material, ideas and thoughts. As more users access your content on the go you need to be able to deliver a seamless experience and ultimately manage all device content from a single system.

Some of the features of Pringo Connect mobile:

Optimize content for visitor's device
Create content that is device agnostic
Create rich media (video) that is device agnostic
Create platform specific applications (apps) to leverage mobile OS functionality

Benefits of Pringo Connect

Device agnostic platform so your organization doesn’t have to worry about multiple apps for multiple devices.
Extremely simple to incorporate internal and external content.
Easily integrate existing applications reducing additional development time.
Users can quickly access relevant information with any device, reducing search and increasing productivity.
Control the organizations entire digital presence all from an single intuitive interface.