Turn Your Audience Into Customers

Social Commerce is estimated to reach 30 billion in the next 5 years

-Booz & Co

A commerce revolution is upon and the most astute organizations and brands are embracing the intersection between social media and commerce. As more users have turned to their social networks to share, review and evaluate purchase decisions, the ability to drive revenue and long-term loyalty has exponentially increased.

34% of users are more likely to share information about a purchase on social media than one made on a traditional e-commerce site


Whether it is e-commerce, m-commerce, deals or coupons, Pringo Connect is built to enable your business to capitalize on the burgeoning social commerce market. Whether your requirements include a standard e-commerce deployment or integration into your inventory management and payment systems, MobileBits can help you deliver successfully.

Benefits of Pringo Connect

Device agnostic platform so your organization doesn’t have to worry about multiple apps for multiple devices.
Extremely simple to incorporate internal and external content.
Easily integrate existing applications reducing additional development time.
Users can quickly access relevant information with any device, reducing search and increasing productivity.
Control the organizations entire digital presence all from an single intuitive interface.