Strengthen Your
Digital Relationships

Create a complete digital experience that ignites
your audience and sparks conversation.

Reach Fans

From social to video, now you can deliver your
content to any device.

Drive Loyalty
and Revenue

A single platform for a customized environment
to maximize revenue.

Grow Your Business
The Leading Mobile
Marketing Solution

The easiest and fastest way to connect with
customers on their mobile devices.

For Executives

For Marketers

For Developers

For Agencies

For Executives

Maximize your digital ROI

MobileBits enables your organization to build and strengthen your most valued relationships across your entire digital footprint with speed, flexibility and customization.

For Marketers

Create unrivaled relationships with your
customers, clients and audience

Now you have all the tools you need to unleash your creativity to build community, drive engagement and seamlessly deliver any type of content to any device.

For Developers

Uncompromising control to build, extend
and integrate

The Pringo Connect platform is one of the world’s most flexible and robust platforms built with you, the developer, in mind. Easily integrate with external and data sources, build custom extensions and more...

For Agencies

Integrates with any platform, application or

Deliver rich, engaging fully immersive digital experiences in real-time to your most demanding clients. Social engagement, social media and full customization is at your fingertips to exceed your clients expectations.

Introducing SAMY!

With the only fully integrated social suite of products, businesses and organizations can unite with audiences, customers and employees on any device all from a single platform.


Latest enterprise media trends.


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